I never rush these things or take shortcuts

I began making art in my free time in 2007. I always had quite a high attention to detail and desire to be thorough, however long a task would take. Graphite pencil quickly became a very potent medium for me, and I used 10 years’ worth of spare time outside my regular job “cutting my eyeteeth” in the world of realism, making detailed drawings of landscapes and streets, but mainly people (including “Woman” here, a SAA 2021 Finalist).

Not long after I became a full-time artist in 2018, I decided I wanted a break from graphite, and to explore media vibrant in colour, to help pay homage to the equally vibrant natural world around me. I’ve only returned to using graphite once or twice, finding pastels quite a natural fit.

I also discovered in 2023 that I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, which has helped me reframe much of my life so far. It explains many things, including my keen attention to detail, and my consistent espousal of various wildlife and environmental charities.

My personal favourite works are below. The full collection of wildlife art can be found using the link that follows.

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