Take a Photo

If you already have one in mind, that’s great!

If not, or if you feel the photos you have might not quite do, don’t worry. I offer a FREE basic photography consultation, including specific advice on camera settings, lighting and more.

Just Contact me, uploading an existing photo, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Submit as many images as you like, as it may help me do a better job. If you’d like multiple pets in one portrait, you don’t need to sit them all down together. Several separate photos will be fine, and much easier for you!

Furthermore, if you live Over Wyre or in Poulton, I offer a FREE 20-minute photo session with your pet. Meeting at a convenient spot, I’ll take a few photos in good light, sending the best three by email shortly afterwards, along with a round-up of advised techniques and adjustments. There are no obligations or tie-ins with any of the above.

Please Contact me to join the waiting list for photo sessions.

Some tips for the perfect photo:



Use a quality camera or smartphone

This can capture fine hairs and little details sharply.

Take your photo in good light

Choose a cloudy day if possible. Diffused, natural light often brings out the most detail and colour.

Encourage them to be restful

Take advantage of moments when your pet is calm (but perhaps not asleep!). If this isn’t possible, have treats/toys ready, to keep them from wandering off. Their favourite treat is you, though, so interact or play with them if you need.

"Frame" the shot well

Shoot at eye level, and close enough that your pet fills most of the frame.

Hold the camera steadily

This is for a nice sharp image. It helps to lean against something solid if you don't have a tripod.

Try to capture the character and natural expression

It’s all in the eyes! Ask yourself what pose or look really shows "them"?
Photo tip 1
Photo tip 2
Photo tip 3
Photo tip 4



Use poor lighting

Keep any light sources (sunshine or a lamp) behind your camera, rather than in front. Avoid dull days!

Use flash

Camera flash may ensure your image is sharp, but it also washes out colour, and blots out many natural, subtle details.

Shoot from far away

When your pet is only a small part of the photo, much of the detail is lost, and I like as much of that to work with as possible!

Your request may be rejected if the image(s) provided aren't of sufficient quality

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