"I create realistic animal art..."

“…because I love the challenge. Doing a subject justice as it stands is very fulfilling.”

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“The real and natural world is immensely interesting to me already, so if I alter anything when rendering an image artistically, I do so with both subtlety and balance in mind. I want to honour every tiny nuance in an iris, every flyaway hair, all the details that might make a subject come to life on paper.”

“A piece can take beyond 100 hours to complete, depending on the size, complexity and medium used.”

“Nature covers a gamut of size, colour, personality and beauty I find should be worthy of anyone’s attention. It’s also constantly changing, largely for the worse, which is why I donate a portion of wildlife sales to animal charities”

Alex is a published and internationally renowned pet portrait and wildlife multimedia artist from Lancashire, UK. He has won multiple awards through the recognised bodies DSWF, UKCPS, AAA and the Society of Animal Artists in the USA (est 1960), in which he is a Signature Member.

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