"I create realistic animal art..."

“…because I love the challenge. Doing a subject justice as it stands is very fulfilling.”

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“The real and natural world is immensely interesting to me already, so if I alter anything when rendering an image artistically, I do so with both subtlety and balance in mind. I want to honour every tiny nuance in an iris, every flyaway hair, all the details that might make a subject come to life on paper.”

“A piece can take beyond 100 hours to complete, depending on the size, complexity and medium used.”

“Nature covers a gamut of size, colour, personality and beauty I find should be worthy of anyone’s attention. It’s also constantly changing, largely for the worse, which is why I donate a portion of wildlife sales to animal charities”

Alex is a published and internationally renowned wildlife artist from Lancashire, UK. He has won multiple awards through DSWF, UKCPS and AAA, and is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists. He makes annual donations to wildlife charities and projects worldwide through the sale of his work.

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