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Each year I donate a portion of wildlife sales to selected wildlife charities. Here is a summary of the last three years:

2022: £1,988.70

2021: £2,394.50

2020: £901.50

The “Home” series

An ongoing series featuring wildlife from around the world in its home environment.

At least 20% of all profits are donated to selected charities.


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North America

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An expanse of land extremely vulnerable to the threats of poaching and habitat loss, and home to many stunning species of wildlife.

Accreditations and Exhibitions


Society of Animal Artists “Encounters with the Animal Kingdom” special show, “Grey Squirrel“, February 2023 – April 2023.

Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition, “Red Deer“, September 2022 – January 2023.

DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year Finalist, “Home, Green Sea Turtle,Black Rhinocerosand Ring-tailed Lemur,  September 2022.

Society of Animal Artists “Winged Things” Exhibition, “Damselfly 01“, August-December 2022.

Society of Animal Artists “Animals of North America” Exhibition, “North American Barn Owl“, May-June 2022.

Society of Animal Artists “Signature Member”, 2021-.

S.A.A. Artist of the Year 2021 Finalist, “Woman”, October 2021.

DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year Finalist, “Sri Lankan Leopard“, “Secretary Bird“, “Snow Leopard“, “American Bison“, “Damselfly 04and Damselfly 05“, May 2021.

Association of Animal Artists, Autumn Exhibition “Runner Up”, “Caiman“, November 2020.

Association of Animal Artists, Castle Park Exhibition (2020, 2021), Weston Park Exhibition (2020).

UKCPS 17th World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition “Best in Show”, “Jaguar“, May 2020.

DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year Finalist and Highly Commended, “Gorilla” and “Koala“, May 2020.

The Cartford Gallery, (2019-2022).




“Colored Pencil” magazine, feature article (January 2023).

“Art Discount” blog, interview (October 2021).

S.A.A. “Paint” magazine, feature article (July 2021).

Ann Kullberg’s “Color” magazine, step-by-step tutorial article (September 2020).

Ann Kullberg’s “Color” magazine, “Jaguar” (April 2020).

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Alex Fleming is an award-winning pet portrait and wildlife multimedia artist, and a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists, established in 1960.

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