“This piece is absolutely jaw-dropping....I never in a million years envisioned it would quite come to life the way it does. I knew Alex' work was gorgeous and polished, but I don't think I realized just how heart-stoppingly realistic it would look – because I know her!

My first thought is that he'd literally created a photograph, but the closer I look, the more I realize that this goes so far beyond a photo: the weightless strands of fur, the reflection in the eye, the insane detail on her nose. They add up to not just her likeness, but almost her soul in a way.

My mom (the recipient) thought it was a photograph at first, it took her probably 4 or 5 seconds to realize it was actually a piece of art. She started crying immediately (happy tears)! It did give me chills; the whole experience was so wonderful.

I don't know how to explain this, but he has truly made my whole year. I'm so glad that we crossed paths. I'm just so pleasantly surprised with how kind and approachable he's been over the last few months. I truly appreciate him letting me be a part of this incredible process, and the final piece is just so far beyond whatever I could have expected or dreamed of.”