“Major thanks to Alex for the privilege of owning a piece of art by him, as you can see he is immensely talented and captured everything about the photo perfectly. When I decided to commission this piece, I knew I couldn't just find a traditional pet portrait artist because the landscape is as important or even more so than the subject in this photo. This is my favorite photo of Rylai because it brings me back to our trip to Glacier National Park which is to date still my favorite road trip we've taken together. But also this process has helped to remind me that other people's opinions on your art doesn't matter because it's all about how it makes ME feel. The artwork is special only for me because it brings positive nostalgic feelings about the experience we shared together. It reminds me of my gratitude to have a dog as great as her, that I can bring her to these places trouble free and take these pictures. That I so appreciate the companionship she has provided me and love her deeply.

I sincerely want to thank Alex for the smooth experience in commissioning art from him. His communication was top notch and he provided great photo updates while it was in progress. He cares about your opinions and makes sure that you're completely satisfied with the end result. Also, he provided a thorough and detailed explanation right from the beginning on what to expect and how the process will go. I knew right away that I was working with someone very professional and respectable. I am so in awe of his talent and am beyond grateful I chose him for my first commissioned piece. Thank you so much Alex!”