It’s been a few weeks since I received the news from an exhibition I entered with complete speculation. Jaguar went in for the “Best Newcomer” award (for those in their first 2 years of colour pencil) as I had 6 months experience at the time.

It won the main award, “Best in Show”!

I was blown sideways at the time, but I’ve allowed a little time to let it sink in. Honestly I still feel like a lucky so-and-so.

A little qualifying factor: though accessible entirely online, it had been intended as a physical exhibition in Keswick. I’m aware that plenty weren’t able to escort or ship their works all the way up there, especially those from the South, so some didn’t enter. The whole thing began to make a little more sense to me, as I know a number of incredible artists who are members and always keen to be involved if possible.

I tend to pick the bones clean with both “good” and “bad” news, finding a grounding element or a silver lining in each respective case. My wife’s sharp as a tack, and tuned in to a lot of things that pass me by, so she points this out frequently.

She told me I should simply enjoy the achievement for what it is. And, knowing something like this may not come round again, I absolutely will!

The exhibition’s website can be found here.

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