When I start typing, three lines can quickly unravel into paragraphs of endless, occasionally maniacal buncombe, so it’s time I migrated that away from the snackable domain of social media.

Good thing this is a WordPress site; perfect housing for longer form writing. Enter Flemblog.

If I indulge like John Doe in Se7en, with his stacks of journaling…for one thing, I’ll volunteer for a watch list of some sort. For another, I’ll get no work done. But crucially, at least there’ll be no more words to write, and having them go unread would be of little consequence if it meant I actually got to the ruddy bloody point on social media more quickly.

I’ll post upcoming dates, maybe a bit of “how to”, further thoughts on finished pieces, or some requests (within reason).

It won’t be regular. How unfashionable are blogs these days anyway? I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough. God I feel out of touch writing this.


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