Very dark Friday

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Thanks a bunch to all those who patronised my Black Friday sale. There’s a not insignificant feeling of guilt in becoming a cynical bandwagoner by joining in with all that, but it’s matched by the other side of it – my willingness to make my work slightly more affordable for you guys in time for Christmas, while I’m in the throes of attempting to sustainably crack eggs in this industry.

My current following gave me a real boost, helping keep operations going. As always, I owe you a debt of immeasurable gratitude!

As for those I’ve yet to reach, I’ve learned a few little marketing lessons in a row this week. There’s a reason degree courses are offered in this subject – it’s huge, and fumbling around in the dark just won’t do.

So, having expanded my skillset a little this year, I’m in the mood to make more changes for the good.

All told, as much as I love working, I like a little light and shade; head out for a drink, go for a night or two away, treat my long-suffering wife to a nice meal. I want to continue to be able to do all that, but it might currently be unsustainable, and if you continue on with the same behaviours, you’ll continue yielding the same results. Hence: more change required.

I don’t do new year’s resolutions. In fact, I make a point of “resolving” on ANY other date, as the new year herd mentality into which our original driver morphs is laughably temporary, and our efforts can implode even sooner than they might otherwise.

The date chosen should be arbitrary in every way other than in knowing that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second best time is now. Smart decisions are almost unilaterally best made NOW!

I’m going to intentionally improve my marketing skills by taking a little time with a qualified business coach. She has had major success in the arts industry as well, so the intersection of those two worlds will, no doubt, prove fascinating to me, especially finding out what can be applied directly and specifically.

Til then, I’m still sat in The Bunker (spare room), adding brick after brick to the figurative house. Don’t turn that dial, there’s plenty new work on the way.


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